Are you constantly stressed over whether your baby is eating enough? Or eating too much?

Don't kill your new mom glow with extra stress. With four different sample breastfeeding and pumping schedules that change throughout the first year, you'll get a guide that shows you the evolution of your nursing/pumping journey throughout infancy.

The Breastfeeding Schedule Cheat Sheet will help you if...

  • Your google search history is filled with variations of “feeding schedules for baby”
  • You’re constantly worried if your baby is eating a “normal” amount or if you’re over or underfeeding her
  • You’re heading back to work and have no idea how to transition to a pumping schedule when you’re away from your baby


Stop stressing about whether you're doing it right. Check out the sample breastfeeding schedule cheat sheet that shows a sample feeding schedule throughout the first year. (Plus when to pump if you’re away from your baby!)

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Stop wondering how often your baby should be eating...

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